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Isabel and Lily Kate Cotter attending their appointment in the new children's CF outpatient clinic in Cork University Hospital today.
Thanks to Mom Gillian for sending on this lovely photo❤️
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The Build4Life funded Children's Cystic Fibrosis outpatient clinic is now open in Cork University Hospital. Our children with CF can now be treated in a safe environment while attending their clinics in the hospital.
Thanks to all who helped make this amazing facility a reality, we are extremely grateful ❤️
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Formed 10 years ago Build4Life was the first charity to raise funds to develop isolated outpatient and inpatient facilities for people with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) in Cork University Hospital (CUH) where 25% of Ireland's CF population attend.
As parents we were aware that by developing these facilities we would allow our friends and family with CF to attend the hospital without the risk of cross infection that they were being exposed to on a daily basis, allowing them to live healthier and longer lives.

In 2007 we set out on a journey not entirely sure where it would bring us but we knew the management of Cork University Hospital had no interest in the conditions and the risks of cross infection PWCF were being exposed to and this had to change. We knew we could not cure this terrible disease but we could try to make the conditions in CUH in line with best international practice where patients lived longer due to the specialised facilities in other hospitals.

Due to the generosity of so many people and the hard work of so many volunteers we have managed to achieve our mission statement.

In 2011 we funded, equipped and opened the adult CF outpatient clinic in CUH.

In 2015 we funded, equipped and opened the adult CF inpatient and general respiratory ward in CUH.

In 2017 we funded, equipped and are awaiting the imminent opening of the children's CF outpatient clinic in CUH.

We have set aside our remaining funds to fund the children's inpatient bedrooms in CUH which we understand will take approximately a further 3 years to complete.

Over the last 10 years we have purchased further medical equipment costing €200,000.00

We also secured 2 new staff members for the children's CF department, a nurse and a physiotherapist.

Now, Build4Life and the HSE have provided the funding for over 70% of the isolated inpatient and outpatient CF facilities in Ireland.

It's not often you hear a charity say, please do not send them any money but that is what we are saying to you today. We have completed our mission statement, we don't need further funds!

You have all helped us to achieve an amazing thing and that is to offer hope and security to PWCF attending CUH. We are so very grateful for all you have done for us, you made our dreams come true!

Thank you all so very much.

If you would like to continue to support Cystic Fibrosis in Cork University Hospital or indeed any medical condition being treated in the hospital for adults or children then we would highly recommend CUH Charity who work directly with the front line staff who know best where funds are needed most. ... See MoreSee Less

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